50rds – 9mm Speer Lawman 115gr. TMJ Ammo

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Speer 115 Grain Total Metal Jacket (TMJ) Ammo Details

Scientists disagree on many things. Even the existence of black holes has been very recently up for debate, although we imagine the photo released of one puts that debate to rest. What any scientist would agree on, however, is that breathing lead is bad for you. That’s why if you do a lot of shooting indoors where your air doesn’t move around as much, you need this high quality training ammunition by Speer.

This 9mm round’s 115 grain projectile is wrapped in a total metal jacket. Hot powder gases can’t access the lead in the bullet’s core because of the protective layer shielding its base, so they won’t make a toxic fume out of it. A Lawman training cartridge very closely simulates the feel of a comparable self-defense load, such as the Gold Dot. This round further offers clean burning propellant, a non-corrosive primer, and a new reloadable brass casing.
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