.450 Marlin ammunition is a centerfire, rimless, belted-magnum, straight-walled, .458 caliber, rifle cartridge originally developed by a joint team of Marlin and Hornaday engineers. Both companies introduced the cartridge in 2000 for use in the Marlin 1895M leaver action rifle.

Although this cartridge appears to be a shortened version of the .458 Winchester Magnum cartridge, this cartridge will not chamber in the .458 Winchester Magnum due to the fact that the belt has been widened to prevent it from being chambered in rifles for which it was not intended. Based upon the .458 x 2 American wildcat cartridge which was in turn developed from the .458 Winchester Magnum, the design concept behind the .450 Marlin was to create a modern, high pressure (+P), version of the .45-70 Government cartridge for use in hunting large, dangerous, North American game species at relatively close ranges. Consequently, the initial Hornaday factory load uses a 350 grain flat point version of Hornaday's Interlock bullet fired from the muzzle of a model 1895M rifle at 2,100 feet per second for a muzzle energy of 3,400 foot pounds. Due to the quick handling characteristics of the lever action rifle and the deep penetration afforded by the 350 grain bullet, this cartridge is an excellent choice for hunting Brown Bear, Grizzly Bear, Moose, and Elk in thick cover. You can browse all of our in-stock 450 Marlin ammo for sale below:

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