358 WIN.

The 358 Winchester was created and designed in 1955 by Winchester Repeating Arms company. The round utilizes the standard and extremely popular 308 cartridge case as its parent case, necked up to accept the large 35 caliber (8.8 mm) projectile. 358 Winchester ammo is a potent round designed to be more lethal than a standard 30 caliber cartridge, but use available brass and tooling to minimize cost.

358 Winchester ammunition is capable of hunting any deer species in North America, including the larger elk species. The round is capable of taking black and grizzly bears as well. The 358 Winchester boasts impressive ballistic, and is a good round for short to medium ranges. For example, a 250 grain projectile can reach a velocity of 2,200 feet per second and would be appropriate for bear and large deer species. The 180 grain projectiles at 2,7000 feet per second would be more appropriate for medium size deer. Check out our in-stock line-up for sale below:

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  1. 20rds – 358 Win Winchester Super-X 200gr. Power-Point Ammo 20rds – 358 Win Winchester Super-X 200gr. Power-Point Ammo

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    Arrived on time. Was exactly as advertised. Will definitely order from ammunitiontogo again. Will check their prices first from now on. Prices are competitive.
    Steve Causey on 20rds - 358 Win. Hornady Custom 200gr. SP Ammo