44 Long Colt ammo is another of the famed cartridges brought to civilians courtesy of its adaptation into The Old West. The .44 Long Colt or Simply “44 Colt” was developed for use in the US Army. At the time of its introduction, cap and ball revolvers were being phased out in favor for the new metallic self-contained cartridge. Unfortunately, the army was not so keen to trade in all their cap and ball revolvers and provide funds for a new sidearm. So the conversions of the .44 Caliber cap and ball revolvers was the order.

44 Long Colt ammunition would be the new chambering for the military pistol to simplify the process since the barrel was already bored to 44 caliber. This kept things cheap and simple to do for the Army and invented a new cartridge. While the .44 Colt never surpassed the 45 Colt in popularity, it was the general issue army caliber. This was also the caliber that really succeeded when it came to conversions.

These days the 44 Colt is a collector’s piece, and a western enthusiast’s caliber as the round grew to immense popularity as settlers spread their wings westward in North America. Small companies are still doing conversions on 44 cap and ball replicas to 44 Long Colt. The 44 Colt is of interest to both military enthusiasts and cowboy action shooters. You can see our in-stock 44 Long Colt ammo for sale listed below:

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