The .416 Barrett cartridge is a 10.6 x 83mm round that is known for it’s immense power and reliable accuracy. 416 Barrett ammo was designed by Chris Barrett, son of famed rifle designer Ronnie Barrett. (Yep, it’s the same company produces one of the most popular 50 caliber rifles on the market). The .416 Barrett was designed in accordance with an order Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane Division, as an alternative to the 50 Browning Machine gun round.

416 Barrett ammunition is a 398 grain round that can be projected at 3,150 feet per second. It’s generally considered to deliver superior performance to the 50 BMG round. That means better accuracy, consistency, velocity, and energy retention past 1,000 yards. The 416 Barrett is also legal is localities like California that restrict the 50 BMG to Law Enforcement and military use. Barrett has produced a tactical bull pup rifle chambered in the cartridge to maximize size versus power – if you’re lucky enough to own one of those bullpups or another firearm chambered in 416 Barrett, you can find all our in-stock ammo for sale listed below:

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