400 Corbon ammunition is designed to mimic the powerful 10 mm automatic, but loaded into a much more common cartridge case. The 400 Corbon is basically a necked down 45 ACP case designed to fit a 10 mm / 40 caliber projectile. 400 Corbon was primarily designed as a self-defense round that would be much more powerful than the standard velocity cartridges used for self-defense, but easier to reload due to the non-proprietary components.

A major advantage of these rounds is use of the 45 ACP cartridge case. This allows those who own a 45 cal platform the ability to convert to the 400 Corbon by simply swapping out the barrel. While the cartridge reaches 10 mm auto levels of performance, the round is much softer on both the gun and the shooter. Recoil is not brutal and does not batter the weapon and risk cracked frames or slides.

The 400 Corbon can be utilized for hunting both small and medium sized game. A 180 grain round can be a sufficient hunting cartridge for small game and heavier loads for game as large as white tail deer. The 400 Corbon shines as a self-defense cartridge though, it’s power and penetration capability make it a fight stopper.

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