30 T/C (Thompson Center) ammunition is one of the newer rounds on the market. Introduced in 2007 and designed by Hornady for Thompson Center arms, the round utilizes the most advanced ammunition technology and design features. The 30 T/C uses a 7.62 mm projectile and a slightly shorter case length than the extremely popular 308 round. The design goal of the 30 T/C was to build a cartridge that could perform with the same power as the famed 30-06, but in a short action.

30 T/C ammo can reach velocities nearly one hundred feet per second faster than the 30-06. The 30 T/C has become for its renowned accuracy and its reduction in perceived recoil. Loaded in premium hunting rounds, the 30 T/C is capable of both exceptional accuracy, speed, and power with muzzle velocities of 3,000 feet per second with a one hundred and fifty grain projectile. Check out our in-stock line-up for sale below:

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