The 7mm SA Ultra ammo or Remington 7mm Short Action Ultra Magnum, is a Remington cartridge designed to compete with the popular short action Winchester magnum rounds. The 7mm SA Ultra Mag ammunition is a potent and powerful caliber that is capable of taking very long shots. Introduced in 2002 as a direct competitor to the Winchester rounds and was premiered in the Remington Model Seven Magnum rifle. The 7mm SA Ultra Mag uses a slightly shorter case, but other than that the Winchester and Remington rounds are identical performance wise.

The 7mm SA Ultra mag uses a .284 millimeter projectile with bullet weights typically between 120 grains to 160 grains. The round can typically reach a velocity of 3,000 feet per second with a 160 grain round, and even faster with lighter rounds. 7mm SA Ultra is a very capable hunting cartridge and is suitable for most big and medium game hunting in North America. It generally has a very flat shooting projectile that is capable of penetrating the thick hide of some game, but remains small enough not to do significant damage to the hide of a trophy animal. You can see all our 7mm SA Ultra ammo for sale listed below:

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