500 Nitro Express ammo is a mighty round. The round traces its origins back to earlier black powder rounds used by British men of influence for hunting large game across the colonies. It wasn’t until 1890 that modern smokeless powder 500 Nitro Express ammunition was created. The cartridge was originally designed to work in the older black powder rifles with a significant increase in performance. As time passed the 500 nitro was loaded hotter and hotter and began destroying black powder rifles.

Modern double-barreled rifles that utilize the round are built by skilled craftsmen, and are held to the highest standards of quality. The 500 Nitro Express has a long history in Africa, as it was a favorite for both British and American sport hunters chasing dangerous game until after World War 1.

Eventually, it was suggested that the 500 Nitro Express be loaded only in rifles made for it. The 500 Nitro Express is capable of taking some of the largest game in the world including the African elephant. In fact, the cartridge can send a 570 grain round at 2,100 feet per second and deliver over 5,000 foot-pounds of energy into a target. 500 Nitro Express ammunition is not considered too powerful for big cats, which makes it a very versatile round. As interest in hunting has grown this round has made a resurgence with companies like Federal and Hornady producing new cartridges.

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