30 Rem AR ammo is a 30-caliber offering made for the AR-15 platform that was born in 2008. The .30 Rem AR is the latest in several AR-15 platform-compatible cartridges which include the 5.56 NATO/.223 Rem., the 6.8 Rem. SPC., the .450 Bushmaster, the .50 Beowulf. Remington, which developed the cartridge itself, took the .50 Beowulf and tinkered with its dimensions until it had what we now call the .30 Rem AR. With the obviously larger bullet, it is reasoned that the .30 Rem AR will have more stopping power than the 5.56 NATO or 6.8 Rem. SPC; and, it filled the noticeable vacancy of a .30 caliber round in the AR-15 platform.

This round in the AR-15 has been fairly well-received by the deer hunting community due to its quick handling and second-shot ability (larger magazine capacity). It can also be used for tactical and personal defense purposes. Remington claims that its new .30 Rem AR gives the shooter ballistic performance that here-to-for was only available in its AR-10 platforms, yet in a lighter platform. Interestingly, although the two look very different, the .30 Rem AR case has exactly the same powder capacity as the .30-30.

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