Developed by John Linebaugh in the 1980’s 475 Linebaugh ammo is an extremely powerful rimmed revolver cartridge designed for big game hunting. The 475 Linebaugh is capable of taking big game, and is often relied upon as a back up and self-defense weapon against large and dangerous creatures. 475 Linebaugh ammunition is often chambered in specialized hunting revolvers that are often equipped with optics and bi pods to increase control.

475 Linebaugh performs extremely well and is capable of launching a 375 grain bullet at 1,495 feet per second and delivers 1840 foot pounds force of energy to the target. The 475 Linebaugh can fire projectiles as heavy as 440 grains and still achieve velocities over 1,000 feet per second. The cartridge has been used around the world for big game hunts including the dark continent, aka Africa.

The 475 Linebaugh has been preferred over even larger calibers for it’s exceptional accuracy. The round is often considered one of the more accurate big bore revolver cartridges. The 475 Linebaugh’s exceptional hunting ability has spurred it from a simple wildcat cartridge to one of the most popular big bore hunting rounds.

The Linebaugh cartridge is available in a variety of different loads with various bullets, and has found it’s way into numerous revolvers and more recently lever action rifles. Fired from a rifle the recoil and muzzle blast is substantially easier to control. With the variety of different options for loading the 475 Linebaugh owner has a wide variety of different power levels available for different game.

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