Remington 7mm Ultra Magnum ammunition was designed as a rifle round in 2001 by Remington arms. The 7mm Rem Ultra Mag cartridge was at upgrade on the existing 7mm Remington Magnum. The Ultra Magnum delivers 25 % more energy than the standard Remington Magnum. The 7mm Remington Ultra Magnum is the smallest of the Ultra Magnum calibers, but is still an extremely fast round. The cartridge is capable of reaching over 3,000 feet per second with a 170 grain bullet and 3,555 foot-pounds of energy into a target.

These rounds are an interesting choice for hand-loaders. The round and large case size give the round a lot of potential for customization. That being said the round is not designed for novice handloaders and many reloading guides will not carry information for the cartridge. Novice handloaders should rely on factory ammunition for the sake of safety and reliability; the round can very easily be overloaded and cause damage to the rifle and harm the shooter.

The 7mm Remington Ultra Magnum squeezes as much power as capable from a 7mm round, and is often considered too powerful for a 7mm round. You can check out our in-stock line-up of 7mm Ultra Mag ammo for sale below:

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