45-90 Sharps

45-90 Sharps ammo is a very old round, released near the turn of the century. The name comes from the Sharps Rifle Manufacturing company, who at the time, designed some of the best rifles in the world. The original Sharp rifles in this powerful cartridge we often in excess of 12 pounds and fired a single round at a time. Not exactly mobile, rapid fire – right?

.45-90 Sharps rounds were used extensively for Buffalo hunting. At the time, plains hunting required a powerful round, accurate, and capable of penetrating and killing a buffalo. In the Eastern United States the Sharps rifle and it’s 45-90 loading was capable of extreme accuracy. In fact, it was so accurate that it became a favorite of competition shooters. In terms of ballistics, a 550 grain round can reach a velocity of 1,360 feet per second. The 45-90 Sharps is still used today with period competition shooting, and even Buffalo hunters, harkening back to the frontier.

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