338 RCM

338 Ruger Compact Magnum or 338 RCM is a rimless, short length cartridge, designed as a competitor to the popular Winchester short magnum lines. The 338 RCM’s main advantage over the Winchester short magnum line is the fact the round is slimmer and one more can be fitted in a standard magazine. Having an extra shot can be the difference between life and death when dangerous game is charging you!

The 338 Ruger compact magnum is capable of taking game across the world, including elk, bighorn, bear, and African game. The 338 Ruger Compact magnum is a very powerful round that can propel a 225 grain projectile at 2,750 feet per second. Hornady offers the round with a ballistic tip that excels as a hunting bullet. The design of the round makes it compatible with Ruger’s famed M77 rifle platform. The M77 is lightweight, and easy to handle, as well as well known throughout the shooting world.

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