44-40 ammo, 44 Winchester, .44 WCF, or 44 Largo (no relation to 9mm Largo) are all the names for one cartridge. 44-40 Winchester ammunition is another of the famed western cartridges. The 44-40 was the first self-contained modern cartridge the Winchester repeating arms company designed, and was made for use in the legendary Winchester Model 1873.

The 44-40 Winchester was marketed brilliantly with the Model 1873 repeating rifle as the gun that won the west, and met acceptance by thousands of gun owners. Marlin and Henry designed their own rifles for the cartridge and even Colt made a chambering of their most famous weapon the Colt Single Action Army in 44-40. This proved a popular choice since the Colt was the sidearm of choice and the 1873 was the rifle of choice, and they could both share ammunition. This was a definite advantage in logistics at the time.

The 44-40 is still a popular cartridge with the Cowboy Action Shooting clubs and is seeing some of the heaviest loads ever available for the round. 44-40 Winchester ammo remains a mainstream round even after over a hundred years of heavy use with Cowboys, pistoleros and sport shooters. The 44-40 is the round that won the west after all! Check out our bulk packs and in-stock 44-40 Winchester ammo for sale here:

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