50 GI

50 GI ammo was designed by Danish engineer Alex Zimmerman, a former of employee of the esteemed Wilson Combat. With some input from Vic Tibbets, the 50 GI was born and perfected. The original intent goes along with an old joke, I shoot a 45 because there isn’t a 46. Well, 50 GI is not a 46 --- it’s a 50! The idea was to put the largest round one could in an average size pistol –platform. Previous 50 caliber handguns like the Desert Eagle and a S&W 500 are quite large and designed for target shooting and hunting, not gun-fighting.

The 50 GI was designed as a combat cartridge that could be carried daily in a full sized weapon, or a concealed carry firearm. The 50 GI is capable of producing rounds that weight up to 300 grains, and capable of reaching up to 860 feet per second, to lighter loads at 185 grains at a blistering 1,200 feet per second. For comparison a 230 grain, 45 ACP Remington round reaches 835 feet per second.

The 50 GI was originally chambered in the 1911 platform, and due to design diligence allows the conversion to 45 ACP by simply changing the magazine and barrel. A conversion was also produced for the Glock 20 and Glock 21 pistols to allow a quick drop in conversion for commonly owned pistols. The "GI" in the cartridge name is because the company Guncrafter Industries, the company that the cartridge's creator worked for. The 50 GI is a controllable round that has been touted for its extreme power, including knocking over metal target stands. The 50 GI cartridge is also known for its extreme accuracy and penetration. The cartridge does what it’s designed and is an extremely capable self-defense cartridge.

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