45 Schofield ammo is a round developed by Smith and Wesson in 1875 for use in their Number 3 top break revolver. The Schofield cartridge was developed on request of a Major Schofield of the U.S. Army’s 10th Cavalry. He requested one of Smith and Wesson’s new top break revolvers, and later made extensive changes to the weapon to fit the needs of the cavalry. Smith and Wesson’s new 45 caliber round was given the designation Schofield and was met with widespread acceptance, and an Army contract was awarded.

45 Schofield ammo is shorter than the famed 45 Colt and less powerful, but the Smith and Wesson revolver could be loaded twice as fast as the Colt. The 45 Schofield can be fired from 45 Colt revolvers, but due to the 45 Colt’s length it cannot be fired in Schofield revolvers.

The 45 Schofield was a popular cartridge in the west, and helped modify and evolve revolvers from the Colt design to a more efficient weapon. The cartridge was adopted by not only the U.S. Army but the stagecoach guards for Wells Fargo, and a popular model for self-defense known as “The Hideout” was a favorite for civilians looking for self-protection. The 45 Schofield is still a favorite of collectors and Cowboy action enthusiasts and you can view our in-stock line-up of Schofield rounds for sale below:

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