8x56mmR ammo, also known as the 8 x 56 R M30s or 8x56R Mannlicher, is an Austrian cartridge designed in 1930 as a replacement for their current military round the 8x50mmR Mannlicher. Although it was originally adopted for a Steyr machine gun, it soon found itself into infantry bolt action battle rifles. The 8x56mmR was adopted by the Kingdom of Hungary and the Austrian military in the 1930s for both machine guns and infantry rifles.

8 x 56mmR ammunition offers several improvements over the older 8 x 50 mmR Manlicher, most notably the use of a pointed spitzer bullet over the 8 x 50 mmR’s older round nosed bullet. The spitzer round was found to be a better penetrating round against barriers, as well as more accurate, stable, and capable of achieving higher velocities. 8x56mmR is no longer used by modern militaries but it is a popular surplus round for military collectors and enthusiasts. The round is still produced by Hornady and Prvi Partizan and it is possible to find batches of surplus ammo on occasion. This includes ammo from Austria, Hungary, Germany, Bulgaria, and the Czech republic.

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