38-40 ammo is a very interesting round that is quite unique. Typically, rounds from the western-era were named for their caliber, and then the amount of propellant used. For example the 45-70 is a 45 caliber projectile, with 70 grains of propellant. The 38-40 is actually a 40 caliber cartridge (.401 to be exact) with 40 grains of propellant. So the 38-40 should have been known as the 40-40. Reasons behind this odd name have been lost to history.

The 38-40 is a black powder western round that was also known as the 38 WCF aka Winchester center fire. The 38-40 is a black powder round that was designed for Winchester lever action rifles. While the round was designed for rifles, it has more in common with a pistol round, which means the range is very limited. The round is poor for hunting larger game but may capably take some medium whitetail at short ranges. The caliber has recently become popular once again with the advent of cowboy action shooting, where it is used primarily by younger shooters looking for an easy to handle round. Check out all our in-stock 38-40 ammo for sale listed below:

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