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22 Short ammo is one of the oldest rounds still in mass production. The 22 Short steps up with 45 colt and 45-70 in terms of mass production and modern day popularity. 22 Short ammunition is a black powder cartridge originally designed for self-defense. This may sound like the makings of an anemic round, but it was quite popular in small derringer style pistols for vest or pocket guns in its time.

22 short is typically a sub 30 grain bullet load over 4 grains of blackpowder. While it was a popular defense cartridge decades ago - to today's standards it's not very powerful. Still, 22 Short has remained popular for a number of reasons. One of which is that it was heavily featured in carnival and theme park arcades that utilized rifles to strike targets. The round was also popular as a small game round in rifles, and provided families on a lower economic scale a weapon to harvest game.

The 22 short is so inherently accurate and light recoiling it was used in Olympics in the 25 meter rapid fire pistol event. As a hunting round it is not useful for anything larger than a rabbit or raccoon but given it's gentle recoil, it's not a bad choice for young shooters tracking those types of small game. The 22 short is capable of being fired through weapons chambered in the most popular 22 long rifle, but you will lose accuracy and have trouble working in a semi automatic. You can check out our in-stock stock 22 short ammo for sale listed below:

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  1. 5000rds - 22 Short CCI High-Velocity 27gr. CPHP Ammo 5000rds - 22 Short CCI High-Velocity 27gr. CPHP Ammo

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    Copper-Plated Hollow-Point (CPHP)
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    27 Grain

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