338 Marlin Express ammo is a rather new cartridge, designed by a combination of efforts by Marlin Firearms and Hornady in 2009. The partnership of a firearms company, and an ammunition maker produced a very unique and efficient round. The 338 Marlin Express was a successful attempt at duplicating the performance of a 30-06 cartridge in a lever gun.

The 338 Marlin Express is capable of propelling a 200 grain projectile at over 2,500 feet per second. This is very impressive from a lever gun, which are typically designed to use short, heavy and slow cartridges. The 338 Marlin Express uses the 376 Steyr as it’s parent case, and using the projectile from the 338 Winchester Magnum. The 338 Marlin express uses a very flat shooting round, with distinct long range capability. Numerous industry professional have tested the 338 Marlin Express and reported that the round maintains 30-06 performance out to 600 yards. This makes the cartridge one of the longest range lever gun calibers in existence.

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