.416 Ruger ammo is one of the younger cartridges among modern hunting weapons. The 65.5 mm case is topped with a 10.4 mm bullet. This 10.4 mm bullet weighs up to 400 grains and performs nearly identically to the .416 Rigby. This cartridge was designed to be a dangerous and large game cartridge for the legendary hunting grounds of Africa, to the last American frontier of Alaska.

The .416 Ruger features similar performance to the Rigby and Remington Magnum but has the advantage of having a shorter case that allows it to be chambered in a standard length action for bolt action rifles. The case is also rimless allow for smooth bolt work and simple extraction, both factors aiding in quicker follow up shots.

The standard action length, combined with its beltless design make it perfect for dangerous game, where the likelihood of the hunter becoming prey is higher. 416 Ruger ammunition is a hard hitting cartridge as well, capable of putting a 400 grain cartridge zipping along at a 2,400 feet per second, and delivering over 5,000 foot pounds of energy to a target. The round can is chambered in the popular Ruger M77 and the No. 1 Tropical rifles.

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