Charles Newton introduced .250 Savage ammo in 1915. It was then called the .250-3000 Savage. (The original name came from the bullet diameter and the muzzle velocity.) The Savage rounds were developed for use in Savage's neat Model 99 lever action which had a unique rotary style magazine as opposed the common tubular magazine in most lever actions. This unique design allowed the use of pointed bullets which could not be safely loaded in a tubular magazine. Early on, the cartridge was well-received. However, it was soon found that the bullets used were to fragile for the velocity the round generated. Of course, today's factory offerings of premium bullets for the round have eliminated that drawback. Today's .250 Savage ammunition is a wonderful deer and antelope round, and some have said it works well on black bears; of course, if one uses it for bears, shot placement is more than critical.

While the .243 Winchester has outpaced the .250 in popularity, remember that the .250 is a .25 caliber compared to the 6 mm or .243 caliber of the .243. In light of that difference, the .250 Savage has a greater range of available bullet weights making it possibly a more versatile gun for one who wants to get more out of his mid-range gun. You can see all our 250 Savage ammunition in-stock and for sale listed below:

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