9.3x74R ammo was born in Germany around the start of the 20th Century. Weapons chambered in this round are often single or double barrel rifles designed for hunting medium to medium-large game. The 9.3x74mmR cartridge is bottle-necked and rimmed, with a total length of over 3.5-inches. This long length has restricted the caliber to single shot weapons as its length is prohibitive to lever and bolt action rifles.

9.3 x 74R ammunition became a very popular round for hunting across Europe and was known for it’s ability to take bear, boar, and stag, among other large deer species. Today, the round is still popular among safari hunters. The 9.3x74mmR is capable of pushing a 286 grain bullet at an impressive twenty three hundred feet per second. In North America, you can find older Beretta rifles chambered in the round, as well as the popular Ruger Number 1 falling block rifle. You can see all our in-stock 9.3x74R ammo for sale listed below:

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