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WOLF Performance Ammunition is one of the most popular brands for high-volume target shooters and firearm enthusiast who need reliable and affordable products. WOLF cartridges are commonly seen at target ranges all across the country, and they are favored by handgun and rifle users who demand the best, including military personnel, outdoorsmen, and competition shooters.

WOLF products are organized in five basic categories, encompassing four lines of ammunition and a selection of reloading supplies. Each category offers its own unique qualities and characteristics, giving different shooters and gun owners specific options for their advanced needs.

Steel cased ammunition is one of the top products for WOLF Performance Ammunition, This line of ammunition uses steel shells that have a PolyFormance coating, which delivers smooth feeding and extraction.This line is available in many different calibers for rifles and handguns.

While it remains extremely affordable, brass cased ammunition from WOLF is the equivalent of their premium brand. Called WOLF Gold, this line of ammunition uses superior components to create ammo that is more consistent and reliable. Each cartridge has a reloadable brass case, a Boxer primer, a carefully-measured load of high-quality powder. Want to learn more about casings? We go into more detail in this guide to brass vs. steel cased ammo at our blog.

WOLF also provides a comprehensive line of shotshell for hunting, competition, and home defense. One of the premier products is their 1/4-ounce Sporting Clays that provide excellent performance in clay-shooting competitions. They carry a vast selection of 12-gauge ammunition, but they also have options for 20-gauge, 28-gauge, and .410 bore.

Rimfire options from WOLF include two types of .22 Long Rifle ammunition, called “Match Target” and “Match Extra.” These cartridges use round-nose 40-grain bullets and have a muzzle velocity of 1,050 feet per second, making them fast, accurate, and extremely effective at the target.

WOLF helps the home loader by providing superior-level primers, .223 brass casings, and .223 bullets. Their primers have precision uniformity and are made for everything from small pistol cartridges to large magnum rifle rounds. The cases and bullets are made for .223-caliber ammo, delivering quality and consistency to high-volume AR-style competition shooting.

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