375 JDJ

375 JDJ was designed by J.D. Jones of SSK Industries in 1978 as a handgun hunting wildcat cartridge. By the term “wildcat”, we mean rounds that are traditionally very custom rounds with little mainstream production. The 375 JDJ may still be considered a Wildcat round due to its low production, but is one of the more popular wildcats available.

The 375 JDJ is designed to be used in the Thompson Centerfire Contender and Encore hunting pistols. The ammunition not only debuted in this weapon, but has remained exclusive to the the T/C lineup. J.D. Jones of SSK actually began selling the barrel as a custom option for his stock; it was not a Thompson center option. 375 ammo is a very potent round, and is most commonly topped with a 220-grain projectile. The largest bullets out there are 300 grain with velocities varying by bullet weight. At their heaviest, you can expect about 2,000 feet per second in terms of muzzle velocity. That makes the round capable of hunting game as big as moose.

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