50rds - 223 Black Hills 55gr. Soft Point Ammo


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50rds - 223 Black Hills 55gr. Soft Point Ammo Details

223 Black Hills 55 Grain Soft Point Ammo – 50 Rounds

Black Hills is best known for producing ammunition for all branches of the United States military. Using only the finest components, Black Hills offers factory loads that rival some precision hand-loaded ammunition. Focusing on precision ammo, reasonable pricing, and excellent customer service, Black Hills is quickly becoming a respected name in the shooting world.

This package contains 50 rounds of Black Hills .223 Remington ammunition. Each round is loaded with a 55 grain jacketed soft point projectile. Mushrooming on impact, these soft points are ideal for pest control, small game hunting, and target shooting.

This factory fresh ammunition features non-corrosive boxer primers and reloadable brass cases. Highly accurate and dependable, these loads produce a muzzle velocity of 3250 feet per second with 1270 foot pounds of muzzle energy.

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    223 Remington
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