500rds – 9mm Federal Syntech 150gr. Total Synthetic Jacket Ammo

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Federal Ammunition 150 Grain TSJ Ammo Details

This 9mm cartridge from Federal’s Syntech line of ammunition features a 150 grain total synthetic jacket projectile. The nature of this technologically advanced bullet means that it eliminates metal-on-metal contact within the bore when it is fired, which not only prevents lead and copper fouling but also dramatically improves your bore and its rifling’s lifespan. Its bullet makes this an exceptional round for shooting steel targets too, as its flat nose transfers superior energy and it also drastically reduces potentially hazardous splash-back.

This round further offers a specially formulated clean burning propellant which minimizes residue accumulation in your action, a lead-free and reliable primer, and reduced felt recoil. Finally, its factory fresh brass casing makes it the ideal subject for a handloading project. Whether you’re a serious competitor, want to receive exceptional performance while training, or just seek to prolong your pistol’s lifespan, this round is a very worthwhile investment.
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