20rds – 9mm Black Hills 125gr. Subsonic HoneyBadger Ammo

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Black Hills Ammunition 125 Grain HoneyBadger Ammo Details

For as widely embraced as it has become, the hollow point bullet has got some shortcomings. Its chunkier profile doesn’t lend itself as conducively to feeding as a round nose bullet’s does, and the nature in which it inflicts damage necessarily limits how deeply it can penetrate. That’s not the case with this 9mm round by Black Hills. Its solid copper HoneyBadger projectile looks like a drill bit, with latitudinally oriented grooves that scoop up and plow away soft tissues during penetration in order to create a permanent wound channel up to two times wider than a hollow point could have managed. Because its profile is pointy like an FMJ’s, it’ll feed with the fluidity of one, and its sharp edges are less deterred by a barrier such as heavy fabric as well. To be sure, this isn’t the most cost-effective self-defense projectile on the market, but we guarantee your checkbook will be the last thing on your mind while you’re set on putting down a threat fast.
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