20rds - 357 Mag Buffalo Bore 125gr. JHP Low Flash Short Barrel Ammo

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  • Bullet Weight 125 Grain
  • Manufacturer SKU BBA19G

This is .357 Mag Tactical Buffalo Bore 125gr. Jacketed Hollow Point Low Flash - Short Barrel Ammo. Buffalo Bore uses low flash powder so the shooter will not be blinded by his own gunfire, as nearly all self defense shootings in America occur in low light when the criminal element is out and about. This tactical .357 mag. ammo generates less felt recoil and blast (flash and noise) than the Heavy .357 mag. loads and is a better choice for those carrying lightweight short-barreled revolvers. This is still a full powered .357 mag. load, but allows for faster follow-up shots and greater shooting comfort. This ammunition is safe for use in any and all .357 magnum firearms. This ammo is brass cased, boxer primed and non-corrosive. This ammo is packed in 20rd. boxes.

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