50rds – 357 Magnum Federal Train + Protect 125gr. JHP Ammo


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Federal Ammunition 125 Grain Jacketed Hollow-Point (JHP) Ammo Details

The Versatile Hollow Point is Federal Premium’s successful attempt at creating a two-in-one projectile. The bullet’s cost-effective design makes it an acceptable choice for high-volume target shooting. But because the bullet also reliably expands as it penetrates a soft medium, it is also worthy pick for self-defense!

The Versatile Hollow Point is a jacketed hollow point, if we’re being technical. The JHP’s copper jacket does not extend to encompass its solid lead core’s nose cavity, which helps the whole bullet fan outward even when it isn’t being carried by very much momentum. The JHP also features a blunt nose profile, so you could very confidently load this ammunition into a lever-action rifle as well.

This round’s clean-burning propellant charge accelerates its 125 grain projectile to a muzzle velocity of 1,440 fps (4” test barrel). At that rate the bullet would reach 100 yards with well over 300 ft lbs of energy, which no one would argue is insufficient for personal protection. Each Minnesota-made round in this box of 50 is nonmagnetic, noncorrosive, Boxer-primed and reloadable!
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    357 Magnum
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