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Speer was started in 1943 by Vernon Speer, who provided hunting bullets to reloaders that needed accuracy, consistency, and performance. At the time, reloaders were having trouble finding the right components from major ammo companies, so Speer started building them himself and quickly gained a popular reputation.

While his main focus was hunting rifle bullets, he also produced jacketed bullets for handguns. In the 1960’s, Speer used his jacketed bullets to create the famous Lawman ammunition, a line that would become very common among law-enforcement officials.

Vernon had established a tradition of seeing a shooter’s needs and delivering upon that need. This remains a guiding aspect of Speer to this day.

Speer now makes an extensive selection of bullets for rifles and handguns. Each item is created to the most meticulous specifications, allowing precise results for target shootings, hunters, and anyone concerned with self defense.

Speer’s rifle bullets include options for hunting, target practice, and varmint control, while their handgun bullets cover hunting, range, and self-defense options.

The company also creates many of the components that reloaders need, including plastic bullets, shot capsules, and lead round balls. They also have a strong partnership with CCI, a provider of primers that was founded by Vernon Speer’s brother, Dick.

Speer also provides some of the finest loaded ammunition you can purchase. They not only have the famous Lawman brand, they also have “Gold Dot,” which is a top choice for self defense use.

They also have “Lawman Clean Fire,” which has a clean and reliable ignition, creating less fouling in the barrel. This cartridge allows target shooters to take more shots without harming the barrel or reducing accuracy.

From spending an afternoon at the range to loading your own ammunition at home, Speer has the high-quality, reliable ammo you demand.

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  1. 20rds - 357 Sig Speer Gold Dot 125gr. HP Ammo

    111 In Stock

  2. 40 cal ammo by Speer Lawman

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  3. 50rds - 9mm Speer Lawman 147gr. TMJ Ammo

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    • Buy 4 for $13.85 each

    60 In Stock

  4. 50rds - 380 Auto Speer Lawman 95gr. TMJ Ammo

    103 In Stock

  5. 20rds - 9mm Speer Gold Dot 147gr. HP Ammo

    50 In Stock

  6. 1000rds - 40 S&W Speer Lawman 180gr. TMJ Ammo

    10 In Stock

  7. 50rds - 40 S&W Speer Lawman 180gr. TMJ Ammo

    171 In Stock

  8. 50rds - 45 ACP Speer Lawman 230gr. TMJ Ammo

    58 In Stock

  9. 1000rds - 45 ACP Speer Lawman 230gr. TMJ Ammo

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    14 In Stock

  10. 50rds - 38 Special Speer Lawman 158gr. +P TMJ Ammo

    24 In Stock

  11. 20rds - 9mm Speer Gold Dot 124gr. +P HP Ammo

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    67 In Stock

  12. 20rds - .380 Auto Speer Gold Dot 90gr. HP Ammo

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    18 In Stock

  13. 20rds - 45 ACP Speer Gold Dot 230gr. Hollow Point Ammo

    32 In Stock

  14. 20rds - 9mm Speer Gold Dot 115gr. HP Ammo

    13 In Stock

  15. 20rds - 45 ACP Speer Gold Dot 185gr. HP Ammo

    24 In Stock

  16. 20rds - 25 Auto Speer Gold Dot 35gr. HP Ammo

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    66 In Stock

  17. 50rds - 380 Auto Speer LE Gold Dot 90gr. HP Ammo

    ☆☆☆☆☆ 1 Review(s)


    30 In Stock

  18. 50rds - 357 Sig Speer Lawman 125gr. TMJ Clean-Fire Ammo

    10 In Stock

  19. 1000rds - 45 GAP Speer Lawman 200gr. TMJ Ammo

    1 In Stock

  20. 20rds - 357 Mag Speer Gold Dot Short Barrel 135gr. HP Ammo

    ☆☆☆☆☆ 2 Review(s)


    26 In Stock

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