Hornady Ammo

Joyce Hornady was a man obsessed with precision.

“Ten bullets through one hole” was his philosophy, and this commitment has continued from the company’s founding to today, driving their success and popularity among hunters and target shooters.

The Hornady company was founded in 1949 but traces its roots to Joyce’s childhood, when he learned to shoot and hunt in western Nebraska. Later in life, Hornady would become a marksmanship instructor for a Guard training unit in Nebraska during World War II. After the war, Joyce, like many other shooters, became frustrated with the lack of accuracy and consistency from surplus Army ammunition. Using an assembly press in a rented garage, he began manufacturing the first line of Hornady bullets: a .30 caliber projectile, which remains a core offering for the Hornady company.

The business grew through the mid-20th-century, developing various product lines that included whole ammunition, bullets for hunting, and numerous other products.

Tragically, Joyce Hornady was killed in a plane crash on his way to the 1981 SHOT Show in New Orleans. The company lost it’s founder and visionary leader, but it didn’t loose Joyce’s sprit for innovation and precision.

In the late 1990’s, the company progressed as a leader in ammunition development and innovation. Through new processes of research and design, Hornady became better equipped to create breakthroughs in shooting technology. This restructuring is best seen in the .17-caliber “Hornady Magnum Round” (HMR) cartridge, a rimfire ammunition that reinvented small-arms precision. This cartridge is a favorite among thousands of target shooters and small-game hunters, and it’s currently the only cartridge to carry the Hornady name.

To this day, the company is still led by members of the Hornady family, including Steve (Joyce’s son) as the company’s president, Margret (daughter) as VP, and Jason Hornady (grandson) as director of sales.

Hornady remains at the forefront of accuracy and consistency in shooting. Look for their self-defense loads like Critical Duty, Critical Defense and FTX along with some of the best known hunting cartridges on the planet like LeveRevolution, A-Max, V-Max, SST and Interlock. While they create ammunition products for many different uses, their goal in every item remains the same: precision.

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  1. 3000pcs - 9mm .355" Dia Hornady HAP 115gr. JHP Bullets

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  2. 100pcs - 30 Cal .309" Dia Hornady 90gr. XTP Bullets

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  3. 100pcs - 22 Cal .224" Dia Hornady 50gr. V-Max Polymer Tip Bullets

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  4. 100pcs - 20 Cal .204" Dia Hornady V-Max 32gr. Polymer Tip Bullets

    44 In Stock

  5. 100pcs - 20 Cal .204" Dia Hornady 24gr. NTX Polymer Tip Bullets

    21 In Stock

  6. 100pcs - 22 Cal .224" Dia Hornady 55gr. V-Max Polymer Tip Bullets

    58 In Stock

  7. 100pcs - 22 Cal .224" Dia Hornady 60gr. V-Max Polymer Tip Bullets

    37 In Stock

  8. 100rds - .40 Cal (10mm/40S&W) Hornady Bullets 200gr. XTP Ammo

    20 In Stock

  9. 100pcs - 38 Cal .357 Dia Hornady XTP 180gr. HP Bullets

    7 In Stock

  10. 50rds - 17 HMR Hornady 17gr. Polymer Tip Ammo

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    62 In Stock

  11. 100pcs - 32 Cal .321" Dia Hornady Interlock 170gr. FP Bullets

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    7 In Stock

  12. 100pcs - 30 Cal .308" Dia. Hornady 155gr. A-MAX Polymer Tip Bullets

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  13. 100pcs - 30 Cal .308 Dia Hornady SST 150gr. Polymer Tip Bullets

    17 In Stock

  14. 100pcs - 44 Cal .430 Dia Hornady FTX 225gr. Polymer Tip Bullets

    53 In Stock

  15. 100 Pieces - 45 Colt Bullets Hornady 240gr. XTP Projectiles

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  16. 50pcs - .452" Hornady Bullets 300gr. XTP Bullets

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  17. 50rds - 223 Hornady 55gr. Steel Match HP Ammo

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    1 In Stock

  18. 50rds - 223 Hornady 75gr. Steel Match BTHP Ammo

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  19. 50rds - 5.45x39 Hornady 60gr. V-Max Polymer Tip Ammo

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  20. 50pcs - 45 Cal Hornady Bullets 200gr. FTX Bullets

    14 In Stock

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