50rds – 45 ACP Federal American Eagle Handgun Suppressor 230gr. TMJ Ammo

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Federal Ammunition 230 Grain Total Metal Jacket (TMJ) Ammo Details

This 45 ACP cartridge is from Federal’s American Eagle Handgun Suppressor line of ammunition. It doesn’t achieve its subsonic 840 fps muzzle velocity by sporting an inordinately heavy projectile -- 230 grains is the standard for its caliber, after all. Rather, this round’s primer’s design and specially formulated propellant ensure that ignition won’t produce the cracking report that even a suppressor would be unable to stifle. It would still be a relatively quiet round even without a suppressor, but with one your shooting session will be about as noisy as a ninja sneaking across a concrete floor.

This round’s projectile dons a total metal jacket. It provides all the advantages to performance that a full metal jacket would, but with the added benefit of protecting its core against hot propellant gasses. As the result you will enjoy breathing in relatively fewer toxic fumes while firing this round, something to weigh strongly in favor of if you plan to shoot indoors.
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    45 ACP (Auto)
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