Hollow Point Ammo

Hollow point 7.62x39 ammo is an ideal choice if you're shooting for a good self-defense or personal protection round. Ideal if you use an AK-47 as your primary survival rifle, these rounds are designed with an expanding bullet. That hollow point will mushroom and expand when it makes contact with a target, allowing for a large wound channel which makes the round more lethal than ball ammo.

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  1. 20rds - 7.62x39 Brown Bear 123gr. Lacquer Hollow Point Ammo


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  2. 1000rds - 7.62x39mm Tula 122gr. HP Ammo


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  3. 20rds - 7.62x39 WPA Polyformance 123gr. JHP Ammo


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  4. 1000rds - 7.62x39 WPA Polyformance 123gr. JHP Ammo


    32 In Stock

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