50rds - 44 Mag Fiocchi 200gr. Semi-Jacketed Hollow Point Ammo


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Fiocchi Ammunition 200 Grain Semi-Jacketed Hollow-Point (SJHP) Ammo Details

Your classic American, big bore revolver will get just the fuel it needs with these .44 Magnum rounds from Fiocchi. Fiocchi Munizioni is an Italian company with over a century and a half of experience making ammunition and components for the most strict competitive shooters and law enforcement agencies. The bulk of their ammunition sold in the U.S. is made at their facility in Ozark, Missouri. This brand of ammunition is recognized for an affordable price alongside consistent quality.

Each round is built with a reloadable brass casing that is equipped with a clean-igniting Boxer primer and topped off with a semi-jacketed hollowpoint (SJHP) bullet. With a weight of 200 grains, the projectile is well-suited for flat-shooting, low-recoiling self-defense as well as hunting with lever-action rifles. The rounded shape easy slides into cylinders or loading gates while the exposed lead top and hollow cavity promote dependable expansion at a wide range of impact velocities. This mushrooming expansion prevents over-penetration and delivers momentum to vital areas for a more humane drop.
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    posted on by Fwank

    Excellent performer. This is not quite a full-power .44 Mag round but it is loaded to do 1300-1350 ft/sec from 4" revolvers. It is--by .44 Magnum standards, of course--very controllable for fast follow-up shots and easy to shoot well in a hurry.

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