500rds - 44 Mag Remington HTP 240gr. SP Ammo


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Remington Ammunition 240 Grain Soft-Point (SP) Ammo Details

These soft point .44 Magnum rounds from Remington's "HTP" line are just the medicine to put down big critters like hogs and deer without giving them a chance to run off. "HTP" stands for High Terminal Performance and represents a label of handgun ammo designed with the most effective personal defense and hunting in mind. Each round is constructed using a reloadable brass casing filled with consistently burning propellant and fitted with a reliably igniting primer.

The 240 grain projectile weight combined with a standard pressure load offers relatively light recoil for the caliber as well as a gracious amount of velocity and penetration. This is complimented by the soft point bullet design which expands mildly on impact for a more damaging effect on vital organs. Remington is a longstanding name in American shooting and hunting which has constantly brought better products to bear over the course of two centuries.
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