20rds – 10mm Buffalo Bore 180gr. JHP Ammo

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Buffalo Bore 180 Grain Jacketed Hollow-Point (JHP) Ammo Details

Give your 10mm pistol exactly what it needs to live up to its full potential as a weapon for self-defense with this round by Buffalo Bore! This cartridge consistently achieves a muzzle velocity in excess of 1,300 fps whether you would fire it out of a Glock G20, Cobra Delta Elite, or M1911.

This cartridge sports a 180 grain projectile. The greater speed with which it will strike its target gives the hollow point bullet the energy it needs to expand as wide as it’s able. This bullet’s jacket not only ensures the round will feed smoothly through a semi-automatic, but strengthens it for better assured penetration and more consistent expansion.

Based in Idaho, Buffalo Bore got their start making ammo for hunters and campers so they’d have a fighting chance in the event that a bear decided to interfere with their plans. For that reason high power ammo is their bread and butter -- your pistol will be ready for action with Buffalo Bore in its magazine.
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Gel test Results

Using a Glock 29 pistol, we tested the Buffalo Bore 180 grain 10mm ammo to see how it compared with other loads in 10mm. We fired the rounds through a 4-layer barrier into synthetic ballistic gel. As you can see in the results below, the Buffalo Bore penetrated just a hair more than the FBI's recommended 14-18" but these rounds delivered an impressive 7/10 of an inch worth fo expanded diameter.

Unfired versus Fired Round Comparison

Image detailing before and after firing 20rds – 10mm Buffalo Bore 180gr. JHP Ammo Image detailing before and after firing 20rds – 10mm Buffalo Bore 180gr. JHP Ammo

How do the results for this Buffalo Bore 10mm Auto compare to other 10mm?

20rds – 10mm Buffalo Bore 180gr. JHP Ammo Gel Test Results

Bullet Depth (in.) 17 18 18.4 19.1 19.3
Expanded Diameter (in.) 0.65 0.65 0.72 0.72 0.75
Bullet Weight after shot (gr.) 142.8 170.9 173.5 176.5 179.2
Bullet Velocity (fps) 1248 1250 1265 1283 1299


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