500rds – 10mm Fiocchi 180gr. FMJTC Ammo

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500rds – 10mm Fiocchi 180gr. FMJTC Ammo Details

This 10mm cartridge by Fiocchi features a 180 grain full metal jacket truncated cone projectile. That makes it look a little bit like a crayon, but don’t color anything with it. Instead enjoy how its broad, flat meplat creates a more distinct hole through paper. You’ll make good use of that whether you’re scoring your shots or just trying to see where they’ve landed downrange. The truncated cone also feeds better from a magazine, and skilled shooters might notice that it improves their weapon’s accuracy.

Some theorize that this bullet’s ability to stamp a wide hole on impact suits it for self-defense, but it is still likelier to overpenetrate a human-sized target than a hollow point. That the 10mm is often used for protection against bears means this round’s bullet is even better poised to pass through a body like it was stuffed with feathers, so take caution. Fiocchi loaded this bullet with their characteristic attention to detail, and it offers great components for your money.
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  • Bullet Type
    Full Metal Jacket Truncated Cone (FMJTC)
  • Use Type
    Range Training
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  • Ammo Caliber
    10mm Auto
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