20rds – 7.62x39 Winchester Deer Season XP 123gr. Extreme Point Ammo


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Winchester Ammunition 123 Grain Polymer Tipped Ammo Details

This 7.62x39 cartridge from Winchester’s Deer Season XP line of ammunition features the Extreme Point projectile, one of the finest available for bagging big bucks. The bullet’s giant polymer tip takes up nearly half of its frontal area, enabling it to trigger massive expansion beginning instantly after the moment of impact. The Extreme Point hits hard thanks to its ballistically efficient profile which preserves superior momentum downrange, and its flat trajectory lends itself perfectly to making impressively long shots. This bullet further features a tapered jacket that penetrates hide and muscle easily, as well as an alloyed lead core which maximizes the amount of energy it can transfer as it expands.

This round’s bullet alone would make it an impressive deer slayer, but that it’s accompanied by Winchester’s own factory fresh brass casing, non-corrosive Boxer primer, and clean igniting propellant make it a top notch cartridge indeed. Your AK can’t wait to give this ammo a shot!
  • Casing Type
  • Bullet Weight
    123 Grain
  • Bullet Type
    Polymer Tipped
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