20rds – 7.62x39 Hornady BLACK 123gr. SST Ammo


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Hornady Ammunition 123 Grain SST Ammo Details

The AK-47 is a rugged instrument to be sure, but yours is bound to appreciate being pampered with this high quality 7.62x39 cartridge from Hornady’s BLACK line of ammunition. Its brass casing feeds true and is perfect for reloading, and its clean burning propellant and non-corrosive primer will help to preserve your action’s and bore’s lifespans. BLACK ammo is meant to perform flawlessly no matter the platform it’s loaded in, so any SKS will eat it up as well.

This round sports the Nebraskan company’s 123 grain SST projectile. Its ballistic coefficient is improved significantly by its streamlined secant ogive profile, boat tail design, and its polymer tip. That tip further serves to initiate instantaneous fragmentation when it is driven deep within the bullet’s core upon impact, making this round a great solution for coyote or home defense. The SST is equipped with both a cannelure and InterLock ring as well, which bind its core and jacket together tightly for maximum weight retention during penetration.
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