357 SIG

.357 Sig ammo was jointly designed by Swiss firearms manufacturer Sig Sauer and the Federal Cartridge Corporation. The intent of the designers was a cartridge comparable to the .357 Magnum and capable of firing from semi-automatic handguns.

The .357 Sig round is derived from the case of the .40 S&W, necked-down and slightly elongated. This bottlenecked case design makes .357 Sig ammunition exceptionally reliable when feeding in semi-automatic firearms.

While the original ammunition utilized a .357 diameter bullet, the design was quickly revised to utilize .355 caliber (9mm) bullets which are typically shorter than standard 9mm bullets due to the length of the case neck. Most bullets used in .357 Sig are truncated cones, whether FMJ or hollow-point.

Common weights for .357 Sig projectiles are 115-grain, 125-grain and 147-grain. The heavier bullets are capable of exceeding 1200 feet per second muzzle velocity out of common barrel lengths, while the lighter bullets can reach over 1600 feet per second. Muzzle energy for the various loadings ranges from just below 500 foot-lbs to over 600 foot-lbs.

Adopted by numerous law enforcement agencies, including the Texas Highway Patrol, US Secret Service and Federal Air Marshals, .357 Sig ammo is ideally suited to duty and personal defense. Its combination of weight and velocity marks it as a hard-hitting caliber, while its notable case dimensions make it one of the most reliable pistol calibers in existence.

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  1. 50rds – 357 Sig Speer Lawman 100gr. Frangible Ammo 50rds – 357 Sig Speer Lawman 100gr. Frangible Ammo

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  2. 20rds - 357 Sig Corbon 115gr. HP Ammo 20rds - 357 Sig Corbon 115gr. HP Ammo

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  3. 50rds - 357 Sig Federal American Eagle 125gr. FMJ Ammo 50rds - 357 Sig Federal American Eagle 125gr. FMJ Ammo

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  4. 50rds - 357 Sig Federal LE Tactical HST 125gr. Hollow Point Ammo 50rds - 357 Sig Federal LE Tactical HST 125gr. Hollow Point Ammo

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Recent 357 SIG Reviews

  • ☆☆☆☆☆
    They work well... and make a big mess....
    ASF on 20rds - 357 SIG G2 Research RIP 92gr. HP LF Ammo
  • ☆☆☆☆☆
    Absolutely incredible ammunition. Have carried my German Sig P229 since 1996 cal .357 sig. Like this weapon so much purchased a second German P229 which remains unfired today. Chronographs at just over 1400 f.p.s. with Hornady load. Just below 1400 f.p.s. with Speer Gold dot. A former deputy sheriff I remember well the transition between the .357 mag and the 9 m/m. In the transition period, (1980's) the 9 m/m ammo had a bad reputation for stopping power. Not today, however the .357 Sig easily eclipses any 9m/m load out there. If loaded where it should be, the 9 m/m suffers an easy 200 / 250 f.p.s. to the .357 Sig. Accuracy wise the .357 Sig easily outperforms the 9 m/m. .357 Sig also much more snappy! Secret Service loves it, U.S. Air Marshalls love it, Texas Rangers love it. I love it. "Nuff said.
    Tim Hardy on 50rds - 357 Sig Federal LE Tactical HST 125gr. Hollow Point Ammo
  • ☆☆☆☆☆
    While I’ve never had to use this for its intended purpose I have shot enough of this ammo at the range to feel like it would perform well if the need arose. It’s shoots well and accurately in both my Sig P239 and Glock 23 (with a 357 drop in barrel). I can’t discern much difference recoil wise between the 40, the 9mm and the 357 Sig. Is it louder? I wear ear pro so how can I tell?! Many LE officers like the 357 Sig so I’ll defer to their judgement. A 357 Sig with a spare mag sleeps in my bed stand but when the ATF gets around to granting me my tax stamp the nightstand gun will be a suppressed 9mm......probably a CZ Scorpion Evo 3 S1, Obsidian 45 suppressor, 30 rd mag with a full spare and a light......it’s a crazy world these days! My life matters ???? So.....I digress. The Winchester ammo works just fine.
    John T Turner on 50rds - 357 Sig Winchester Ranger 125gr. Bonded Hollow Point Ammo
  • ☆☆☆☆☆
    These rounds have unrivaled velocity, energy transfer, accuracy and the round in most cases stays in the target absorbing all the energy being transferred. Not to mention being frangible round it disintegrates and leaves lol or nothing for ballistics.
    Jeff loiselle on 20rds - 357 Sig RBCD Performance Plus 60gr. Total Fragmenting SP Ammo