Soft Point

Soft-point (SP) or Jacketed Soft-point (JSP) 357 sig ammo is typically used by hunters but is very rare to find in-stock from major commercial ammunition manufacturers. Utilizing a copper jacket, swaged from the base, and exposed lead nose, these bullets offer a superb combination of expansion and weight retention. Unlike full metal jacket bullets, SP bullets “mushroom” on contact with the target, creating a more devastating wound channel. The fully contained base of the bullet reduces fragmentation while the nose provides good penetration on game animals and promotes reliable feeding in semi-automatic firearms. The SP bullet is the ideal choice for handgun and pistol-caliber rifle hunters looking for superior knock-down power and a clean, successful harvest in the field.

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Recent Soft Point Reviews

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    These rounds have unrivaled velocity, energy transfer, accuracy and the round in most cases stays in the target absorbing all the energy being transferred. Not to mention being frangible round it disintegrates and leaves lol or nothing for ballistics.
    Jeff loiselle on 20rds - 357 Sig RBCD Performance Plus 60gr. Total Fragmenting SP Ammo