Polymer Tip

Ballistic tip ammunition for the 300 BLK utilizes an aerodynamic polymer tip inserted into a hollow point to deliver stable flight, smooth feeding and dynamic expansion on target.

A relatively new technology, ballistic tipped bullets have a uniform tip and base, allowing them to maintain an accurate, stable flight path from muzzle to target. Upon contact with a target, the polymer tip retains its shape and is pushed back into the core of the bullet, causing violent expansion and considerable tissue damage.

An added benefit for the 300 BLK cartridge is that ballistic tipped bullets add length to lighter, shorter projectiles without adding weight at the expense of velocity. Yet another advantage is the ability for ballistic tipped bullets to feed from magazines in the AR platform, without the risk of soft or hollow points catching on feed ramps and delivering much better terminal ballistics compared to full metal jacketed bullets.

Thanks to their accuracy and hard-hitting terminal performance, ballistic tipped bullets are the top choice of 300 BLK hunters and shooters wishing to employ their 300 BLK for defensive purposes.

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