Hollow Point

Hollow-point bullets for the 300 BLK come in two main varieties: open-tipped match and expanding.

Open-tipped match (OTM) bullets are produced by swaging a thin copper jacket over a lead core from the base of the bullet to the tip. The result is a small, hollow tip and a more consistent bullet base. This consistent base results in greater aerodynamic stability versus traditional full metal jacketed bullets, but the thin jacket makes them poorly suited to hunting. OTM bullets for the 300 BLK are the preferred choice of target and competition shooters who want the tightest groups possible out of their firearms.

Expanding hollow-point bullets are designed to deliver controlled, reliable expansion and maximum damage on contact with tissue while still maintaining the accuracy-producing base consistency seen in OTM bullets. These bullets are perfectly suited to hunters looking for clean kills from their 300 BLK and for shooters who have selected the 300 BLK as a firearm for combat or home defense.

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