500rds – 308 Win Tula 150gr. FMJ Ammo


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Tula Ammo 150 Grain Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) Ammo Details

The Tula Ammunition Plant has been in operation since 1880. That means it has been chugging along since the time of the czars, right through the communist era, and onward into the modern age. It’s no wonder how they were able to do so; It seems as though no matter what kind of government is in charge, it will still need ammunition. Isn’t it funny how that is?

Of course, Tula has managed to learn a few things about making ammunition in that time. For starters, they can produce a far more cost-effective cartridge when they make its casing out of steel. That along with this 308 Win cartridge’s Berdan primer makes it wholly inappropriate for handloading, but hey -- suppose you weren’t going to handload anyway? This round’s casing is coated with polymer to protect it from tarnishing and make it easier for your rifle to extract, and its 150 grain zinc coated bullet flies more accurately than Tula’s earlier bi-metal one could have.
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    308 Winchester (7.62X51)
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  • ☆☆☆☆☆

    posted on by HowaboutThat

    I have a Howa Axiom 308 bolt action, With a very decent long range scope, this ammo compared to German bulk ammo, shoots just as well. The Grouping is not quite as good, maybe 1/4" inch at 100 yards, but the price is worth it. Half the price or better.. I didn't do the math here but im sure more is cheaper, but at wallyworld, its usually $6.50 for 20rds and the next ammo same price is $10-12.. The Japanese barrel is amazingly accurate from the cheapest ammo (Tula) to the most expensive ammo. Which i have tried was Federal Vital-Shock. Which is $30+ for the same 20 rounds.. $6.50 or $30.00. Ammo is decent or the rifle makes it up not sure yet.. but Ill keep stocking up on the Tula :)

  • ☆☆☆☆☆

    posted on by David

    I have shot this ammo in a PTR91.
    Ran fast and smooth, ran Tula ammo in 7,62x39 , 308W. Runs a little dirty. But it is cheap .

  • ☆☆☆☆☆

    posted on by 7Bravo

    Been using Tula ammo for a few years now and when others told me not to buy it, I keep going back for more. The price and quality are great. I have not had any problems with the steel casings not have I found any problems with the function of my rifle.

  • ☆☆☆☆☆

    posted on by D. Shafer

    I gave it a 5 star as it is good ammo for what it is.
    Not match grade, not hunting ammo, but if used
    for self defence in serious social purposed where
    a high powered rifle were needed it would be just fine.
    It is also just fine for practice or training a shooter
    new to center fire rifles.
    It's well worth having on hand and the price is right.
    What do you call a firearm with NO ammo?
    A CLUB.

  • ☆☆☆☆☆

    posted on by Red

    Haven't put any rounds through but have purchased TulAmmo many times before in different calibers and never had a problem. Shipping was expedient and follow up from sales dept. was same. Would certainly purchase again

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