20rds - 308 Hornady BLACK 168gr. A-MAX Ammo


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20rds - 308 Hornady BLACK 168gr. A-MAX Ammo Details

Hornady introduced the BLACK brand so that shooters could recognize the distinctive box on shelves or websites and know without a doubt that the ammunition was well-suited for their favorite rifles. These .308 Winchester rounds exhibit strong dependability and excellent accuracy with precision rifles. That makes this ammo perfect for precision target shooting as well as competitive matches. Each round features a non-corrosive Boxer primer fitted to a brass casing which is filled with clean-burning propellant.

The cartridge profile sports a 168-grain A-MAX projectile which matches the most popular match loads from the caliber as well as some hunting weights. Hornady builds the A-MAX bullet using a swaged lead core of consistent density, an AMP copper jacket with near-perfect concentricity, and drag-resistant boat tail that is tapered specifically for the .308 caliber. The bullet's secant ogive and polymer tip are molded and mated at a perfectly engineered angle which shrugs off in-flight deviation and yields some of the tightest groups imaginable.
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    Match Shooting
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    308 Winchester (7.62X51)
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    posted on by Rick Carruth Sr.

    Very accurate in Beretta T3

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