200rds – 308 Win Hornady Match 168gr. ELD Match Ammo

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Hornady Ammunition 168 Grain ELD Match Ammo Details

A Match round represents the greatest consistency that Hornady is able to achieve, which is considerable to say the least. These 200 cartridges’ brass casings are all virtually identical to one another in terms of their weights and dimensions, and their propellant charges are identically matched to one another so as to guarantee their interchangeable performance. Even the fashion in which these rounds’ bullets have been seated is remarkably uniform -- with such consistency, all you’d have to do in order to win a shooting competition is shoot well.

It’s this round’s bullet that does the most for its tack driving performance. The ELD Match has got a Heat Shield tip, a spike of polymer which is immune to becoming warped as the result of aerodynamic heating, enabling it to always sport a perfect meplat. This bullet’s secant ogive profile and boat tail further enable it to slice surgically through the air, giving it the flat trajectory and resistance to crosswinds needed for precisely straight flight. This bullet’s AMP jacket can be considered perfectly concentric, and even its lead core is swaged for exceptional balance in flight.
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    ELD Match
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    Match Shooting, Range Training
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    308 Winchester (7.62X51)
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