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Weatherby is a company founded on innovation. By re-thinking cartridge design and building rifles to handle a new type of ammo, Weatherby has shaped and reshaped the firearms industry over and over again.

Weatherby was founded in the 1940’s by Roy Weatherby, who wanted to create better firearms for hunters and target shooters. Weatherby changed the fundamental thinking of rifle performance and upended convention. At the time, most cartridges pushed large, heavy bullets at slow speeds. Weatherby, on the other hand, saw the value of lighter bullets moving at higher speeds, believing this was the best combination for one-shot effectiveness. This philosophy drove him to create the high-powered Weatherby Magnum cartridges, the products that best define the company today.

Weatherby now has numerous ammunition products for many different uses, including hunting and target shooting. The majority of their whole-cartridge ammunition is for rifles, including .240 Weatherby Magnum, .300 Weatherby Magnum, and 7mm Weatherby Magnum. They offer products for varmint, medium game, big game, and even African game, making them one of the most comprehensive ammo manufacturers in the country.

While Roy Weatherby was changing the way hunters think about bullets, he was also improving rifle performance and design. He redesigned rifles to work with his high-speed magnum cartridges, and once again changed the firearms industry with the Mark V rifle, which was released in 1957.

The Mark V uses a specific design and unique engineering to create a stronger, more reliable rifle. It perfectly handles the high-speed rounds produced by Weatherby, and became a sensation among hunters. Although it has gone through modernizations and updates, it remains one of the most popular rifle designs to this very day.

Using many of the same principles, Weatherby released the Vanguard rifle, which delivers strong, reliable performance across many different calibers.

Anyone interested in accurate, flat-shooting, hard-hitting rifle cartridges can turn to Weatherby. Their ammo and reloading products deliver field-proven performance, so when you need results in the field, the speed and accuracy of Weatherby ammunition is ready to deliver.

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