20rds – 240 Weatherby Magnum Weatherby Select 100gr. InterLock SP Ammo


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20rds – 240 Weatherby Magnum Weatherby Select 100gr. InterLock SP Ammo Details

Do you have a 240 Weatherby Magnum rifle? Good! That means you can order Weatherby’s Select series deer hunting ammunition, featuring the 100 grain InterLock. The Weatherby touch, made fierce by Hornady’s Nebraska-made bullet!

The InterLock may be a soft point, but it fits a lot of high-tech touches into a 6.2mm profile. The InterLock’s signature feature is the raised band which locks its jacket and core together. Its cannelure also anchors into the lead core, which helps keep the InterLock intact enough to sink in deeply.

The InterLock’s jacket gets progressively narrower toward its tip. Radial grooves strategically weaken the upper section of the jacket, which helps it fan out in more even directions during terminal expansion.

This round gives you authority over downrange. The 0.413 G1 ballistic coefficient projectile clears a 24” barrel at a rate of 3,275 fps. Nice and peppy, so you can zero in at 300 yards and expect a trajectory that peaks at 3.95”. The bullet strikes with about 1,466 ft lbs of energy at 300 yards.
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